"Enough with the Craziness"

The sane approach to complete streets. By Alex Dodds. Article showcasing West Jefferson's streetscape as featured in the August 2015 issue of Roads & Bridges Magazine. Click here to read the article, page 26!

Town Manager Brantley Price chosen as High Country Local Gov't

Manager of the Year!

High Country Council of Governments - September 11, 2017– Read the press release here→

"Roads are Getting a Redesign"

Governing Magazine- October 2015. By Daniel Vock. Article features a story on West Jefferson's "complete streets" project as featured in Governing Magazine. Click here to read the article.

Dream Destin​ations

Our State Magazine - February, 2019 

"Transportation Investments Transform Economy of Small Mountain Town"

by NCDOT- Oct. 3, 2013. North Carolina Department of Transportation recently produced a short video of the streetscape improvements Downtown West Jefferson has made over the past few years. See interviews with local officials and business owners explaining the impact of the streetscape project to Downtown’s economy, beauty and tourist draw.  NCDOT.GOV →

Planning a Visit to West Jefferson? Watch This! 

WXII WJ Promotion Video 

Click the link above to view a promotion video of West Jefferson produced by WXII-TV 12! 

Press Releases, News Stories & Videos-

West Jefferson Named 2015 "Great Main Street"

by North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association –View the official press release here→

​​ “This institution is an equal opportunity provider.” 

The North Carolina Town In The Middle of Nowhere That's So Worthy The Journey

Only In Your State - May 24, 2018

Town Manager Brantley Price (L) and HCCOG Exec. Director Shane Fox (R). Photo copyright Burton Photo 2017

​Holiday Hangout

Business North Carolina  - December 3, 2018 

West Jefferson named one of NC's 10 coolest small towns!

Only In Your State- April 2016. By Emory Rakestraw. Article features a listing of the 10 coolest small towns in North Carolina and West Jefferson is one of them! Click here to read the list. 

"West Jefferson, NC - A Fun Place to Visit"

by Stephanie Hill – Aug. 8, 2013: HERALD-DISPATCH.COM →

West Jefferson Wins Small Town Main Street Award

Small Town Main Street Program –Apr. 7, 2014 View the official press release here →

"Making a Summer Escape to Ashe County"

by Barbara Presnell –Aug. 15, 2013: THE-DISPATCH.COM →

Mayor Dale Baldwin Chosen as 2015 Outstanding Local Government Elected Official!

Dale Baldwin, Mayor of West Jefferson, was awarded with the outstanding local elected official award by the High Country Council of Governments at their annual banquet held on September 4, 2015. Click here to read thepress release! 

Streetscape Design Charrette

A design charrette recommending streetscape was conducted by the Department of Landscape Architecture from NC State University in 2003.  This charrette is broken into 2 parts and can be viewed here: Part 1 and Part 2

Click HERE


A Walk Through the Architecture of West Jefferson's Main Street 

by Lynn Rees-Jones- Carolina Mountain Life Magazine - Spring 2017

Historic WJ Hotel is Being Brought Back to Life

Welcome Home Downtown

Our State Magazine - March, 2021 

West Jefferson Revitalization Wins Strongest Infrastructure Contest

by Strong Towns- November 1, 2016 –View the official press release here→

Around Towns: A Trip to West Jefferson

Charlotte Magazine - December 20, 2018